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Richard Cook

CEO and Founder 

My job is to enable my team and my clients to succeed. Nearly all of our clients come through recommendation and referral, so for us it’s very personal.

The part of the job I enjoy the most is when a member of the team gets great feedback from a client because our work has had a tangible, positive impact on their business. My ideal day is spent collaborating with my team and clients to solve problems, develop strategies and sell ideas.

I am constantly amazed at the way in which my fellow Champions engage with the media. My preference and training was, and still is, to pick up the phone or go for a drink with the media, whereas today’s pitching is a lot more text-based, sometimes over WhatsApp and Twitter, which means stories need to be sharper than ever before. I am particularly excited about the way earned media is integrating with lead generation through search engine marketing as it is giving a range of ways for PR to maximise and prove its value.

Richard cook

Gabrielle Dunbar

Managing Partner

I am responsible for driving and helping my team deliver real-world results to support the business objectives of clients and essentially help them grow. Working with my team, I know how to shape and develop a strategy to fulfil a client’s business goals.

I love developing and forming impactful and long-lasting relationships with clients, becoming an extension and fundamental part of their team. The opportunity to bring creativity to client’s strategies and get under the skin of each one to shape the most interesting stories is what we do best at Champion.

My special skill is organisation. It might not be the most interesting part of PR but it’s the backbone that keeps everything running smoothly and I’m a bit of a control freak in this sense! And as the saying goes ‘a good team is like a well-oiled machine’!

Gabrielle Dunbar - Champion

Harry Webster

Managing Partner

I am responsible for driving direction and strategy on the accounts that I work on and working with the team to ensure we can deliver our clients’ desired outcomes. Through working closely with different Champions on each of our accounts, I am also able to ensure that all members of the team have the necessary support in place to develop and thrive.

The best part of my job is developing and pitching campaign ideas. I love the whole process, from analysing the brief and the specific challenges to designing creative campaign narratives that will both fit the editorial agenda and fulfil the client’s business objectives. There is never a better feeling than when the team is pitching a client a campaign idea and the client just gets it.

My special skill is that I am very analytical and strategic. I love analysing complex client briefs in order to design a fitting solution.

Tara Davies

Account Manager

My role is to help the team find media opportunities and create content for clients. I pitch articles and interviews to publications to ensure the relevant industry professionals are aware of our clients and the services they provide, seeing them as leading figures in their respective spaces.

The best part of my job is definitely the variety of different topics and tasks I come across each day. From 5G networks to cloud computing and analysing social media to drafting content for websites, the range ensures I’m getting the most out of the skills I already have all whilst building new ones.

My special skill is writing – having done a degree in journalism, I thoroughly enjoy writing features and blog posts. I also really like editing, a task many see as quite tedious and time-consuming. I can quickly reduce word counts without cutting major amounts of key and interesting content.

Tara Davies - Champion

Niamh Elizabeth

Account Manager

My role consists of pitching, helping develop campaigns and write content, articles and interviews so clients can build their media presence as industry leaders. I’m constantly spotting the latest tech trends, so clients are informed, and we can be experts in our field.

The best part is that I learn something literally every day. We work collaboratively at Champion, and there are always some great ideas flying around which we work together to build on. When one of us lands a great pitch, then we feel we all are part of that success.

I have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy digging deep to understand clients’ need and what journalists are looking for to help them make the story. I love making those connections, it’s like fitting in a puzzle piece. When clients get that perfect coverage or have a great interview where conversation is flowing, I find it really gratifying – even if it can take a lot of work! 

Niamh Elizabeth - Champion

Olivia Plotts

Account Manager

My role consists of supporting the team in their day-to-day running of the different accounts. This involves pitching to journalists to earn media coverage, writing on a variety of topics for various publications, and staying up to date with the most recent news within the tech industry.

The best part of my job is the opportunity to build close and collaborative relationships with journalists. As someone who has always had a great respect for the media, and even considered a career in journalism, it is very exciting to be able to communicate and work with all different types of journalists.

My special skill is researching – I’ve always been driven by being able to understand complicated topics, and this will often lead me to spend lots of time researching in depth. Working at Champion involves understanding concepts and ideas in tech that can be quite difficult to wrap my head around – but I love the challenge!

Olivia Plotts - Champion

Josh Pedro 

Senior Account Executive

My role is to assist the team with a wide range of tasks for our clients. This may vary from writing content, conducting media audits, and pitching to journalists to secure press coverage. Alongside this, I also help run some of our client’s LinkedIn pages and Champion Communications LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

The best part of my job is the fact that it is hybrid. It allows me to be able to think creatively when it comes to the social media aspect whilst at the same time, garnering knowledge about the PR and technology industry. I’m continuously developing new skills, whilst developing the ones I came into the position with.

My special skill is innovative and intuitive thinking. I very much enjoy bringing my ideas to life. Whether that be visual media or copy. For Champion or for our clients.

Ken Deeks

Trainer, Coach, Mentor

I provide strategic advice at a senior level along with development and training to help make Champion’s great people even greater. I also deliver media training and messaging to Champion’s clients. I have over 30 years’ experience in journalism and PR, and 10 years in training and people development.

Ken Deeks

Caron Scott

Finance Administrator

My mission is to find new efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary costs so we can focus our resources on finding and developing the best people – the ones who’ll help our clients deliver great sales results. I’m dedicated to making working with us (and working for us) as hassle-free as possible.

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