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If you are a B2B technology company that wants to generate new sales leads, move prospects along the sales funnel or reaffirm business relationships, Champion delivers third party endorsement, validation and credibility.

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Champion’s sale-centric approach to PR has not only resulted in exquisite coverage, but has also led to a marked increase in share of voice in the UK and has given our sales team valuable collateral that they can share with prospects to progress conversations.
Becca Chambers - MobileIron
Becca Chambers
Head of Global Corporate Communications MobileIron

Building Relationships

The hardest thing about B2B Selling is B2B buying. Decision makers are typically time poor and often asked to solve business critical problems unexpectedly. Champion’s PR programmes make it easier for business development teams to start, nurture and strengthen business relationships.

Sales Centric Approach

Champion never takes a brief without speaking to a member of a client’s sales team. Results are constantly measured in terms of contribution and impact to sales through Champions’ proprietary tool, the Coverage Impact Monitor.

Introducing PR as a B2B Sales Tool e-book

Champion makes it easier for B2B companies to increase sales through PR by helping brands connect with prospects and maintain demand generation. To read more, download the e-book here:

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LinkedIn Lead Attractor

Most businesses are getting LinkedIn wrong, and it is costing them in terms of lost opportunities and redundant content creation. There are too many profiles that look like CV’s, and too much content being pumped out that doesn’t generate a commercial opportunity. LinkedIn is about listening. Champion’s LinkedIn Lead Attractor starts by optimising a profile, and then identifies the priority influencers and decision makers that are of most value to your business. Champion then monitors and interacts with their content to the point that they come to clients requesting connections. Consistently listening rather than haphazardly shouting.

Organic Demand Generation

Champion loves media coverage, especially if it includes back links, has all the right keywords and is optimised to drive prospects to a client’s site. Champion’s Organic Demand Generation service identifies the right keywords and topics that prospects are searching for, monitors backlinks of clients and competitors and boosts the organic traffic volumes and domain authority in the process.

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