Richard Cook

Champion declares war on fluffy PR

If PR cannot be measured in terms of its ability to support a client’s business objectives, its fluff.

We will only take briefs from clients where there is tangible commercial impact to the work we do. We want to be able to see how and where we impact sales, and most importantly how we can help you sell more.

We want to be able to work with sales teams to understand how we can support them as they gain attention, earn interest, build trust and generate demand. We want to be part of the reason that prospects turn into customers, and we want to be able to measure our impact, so we can build on it.

If your brief is just about building reputation, generating a feel-good buzz or a warm glow, don’t bring it to us.

We are not just about top of the funnel, awareness or air cover. If that is how you want to use earned media, move along, there are many agencies that will take your business. Not Champion.

Earned media is an essential tool in each and every phase of the buyer’s journey, and we stand to be shoulder to shoulder with our clients and their sales teams as they initiate opportunities and convert them into prospects, close deals and generate delighted ambassadors.

That is what we do. That is the Champion way.