Hannah Swinson

"There have been times when I've driven businesses, and the only money I've spent on lead generation is PR. If you're not doing PR, then you are probably either not directly driving sales that you could be driving, or you're undermining the other lead generations you're driving." - Dom Monkhouse.


In this podcast, B2B Marketing's deputy editor Lucy Gillman is joined by Dom Monkhouse, Master Business Coach and Richard Cook, CEO of Champion Communications. For us, one thing’s certain – if you’re not doing PR, you’re not driving the sales you could be.


In this podcast, we are unpacking PR’s role as a sales enablement tool and how you can make the most out of it. We debunk some common c-suite misconceptions, discuss why you’ve been measuring PR the wrong way, and why getting it right starts with speaking to sales and creating page three-worthy coverage (no, not in that way).