Harry Webster

"B2B brands need to view investing in PR as investing in future pipeline. They need to think of PR as making it easier to hit next year's growth number." - Matt McGillicuddy, Head of Brand, Infinity.

The misconceptions around PR are plenty; fancy schmancy events, generic news stories dumped into (and quickly deleted from) thousands of inboxes – a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘need to have’.

The truth couldn’t be further from it.

In this podcast, B2B Marketing's deputy editor Lucy Gillman is joined by Matt McGillicuddy, Head of Brand at Infinity, and Harry Webster, Associate Director at Champion Communications, to bust these PR myths by unpacking Champion’s recent study, B2B PR for Growth.

We take a deep dive into the role of PR as a business driver, exploring why investing in PR means investing in future pipeline and setting aside the short-termism in favour of brand building and long-term thinking. We also discuss what’s stopping marketers from making full use of PR and how you can get started on your PR journey.

You can find out more about using B2B PR for Growth here: https://bit.ly/3ZrtyIO