Hannah Swinson

Ten10, the technology consultancy that makes it easier for businesses to find the right tech talent, has chosen to partner with Champion Communications to accelerate its UK growth. Champion will provide strategic communications support that helps Ten10 to enhance demand in its Tech Academy.


Deborah Biscomb, Head of Marketing at Ten10 said: “The UK’s digital skills gap is at a critical level. Without the tech talent to capitalise on digital opportunities, UK businesses will fail to innovate, transform, and deliver against customer expectations meaning that the UK will never be seen as a leader in the field of technology. At Ten10, our Tech Academy is dedicated to helping businesses build their tech capability, to overcome the digital skills gap.  We need to get this message out there and from speaking to Champion, we decided that they are the consultancy for the job.”


Harry Webster, Partner, Champion Communications said: “We’ve been so excited about this brief from the moment we first heard Ten10’s challenges. Whether it be the Government’s plan to get over-50s back to work or the UK’s worsening digital skills gap, there is a plethora of news stories that Ten10 should be talking about. Our job will be to exploit these events to Ten10’s advantage, helping the brand to generate awareness, trust and credibility amongst its desired target audience as a result.”


To find out more about Ten10 you can visit: www.ten10.com. For press inquiries, email ten10@championcomms.com.