Alexandra House

What a year it has been!  

I have less than two months until my PR apprenticeship journey is over, and I am a fully qualified PR professional. Looking back on the last 16 months, I have learnt so much. My abilities and confidence have exceeded my expectations, and I have found a role I'm not only good at but enjoy.   

I'm a firm believer that you can't learn anything if you're stuck in your comfort zone, which, when looking back, is probably one of the reasons I chose a job in an industry in which I had no prior knowledge. I quickly realised that I thrive on being pushed out of my comfort zone and tackling challenges head-on. I can honestly say I have experienced so much more than I would have if I had remained where I was comfortable. Every time I have felt that I can't do something, I've persevered and taken on higher levels of responsibility.   

This is one of the most significant benefits of working for a fast-growth agency like Champion. The work is exciting; there is a buzz of adrenaline every time you secure a new media opportunity and deliver ground-breaking results for your clients. There is always something new to get stuck into, a conversation to be a part of, or a new story angle to explore.

Working at Champion has taught me so much, not just about PR but also about representing a business, providing consultancy to clients to help them achieve their business objectives, and has allowed me to collaborate with a team full of rocks stars. I'm now beginning to share these learnings with the newer members of our team, to pass on my top tips to get them started on the best foot possible.    

Despite only starting in October 2020 and, due to COVID-19 not meeting my team until ten months into my career, I genuinely feel like I'm part of the furniture! The environment and culture at Champion has also allowed me to learn from talented consultants, and I've been given a place to develop my skills in an environment where I feel able to succeed and learn.  

The huge perk of working for a consultancy like Champion is that you are immersed fully into the role, something you can't guarantee at larger organisations. I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to grow into my role, build relationships with clients that trust my advice, and play a part in award-winning campaigns.  

Alongside my role at Champion, I have also progressed through the PRCA apprenticeship programme. This hasn't been without its difficulties, and my preconceived ideas about what I would go through were far off the mark. The step up from a Level 3 qualification was huge, and I felt like I wasn't performing at the standard I set for myself. But with the help of the team and my coach, I have signed off my portfolio, completing the diploma stage of the qualification!  

Going to university versus doing an apprenticeship is an ongoing debate, and I think both routes offer different benefits, but it depends on the person. Many people (and businesses) see university as the only route to success in a chosen career, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I wouldn't want to have done it any other way.  

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