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Why is business collaboration essential in the fight against climate change? Can working from home have a positive impact on the finance industry? How can startups stay resilient during an economic downturn? 

At the close of 2022, Champion clients reflected on the past year in tech and turned their attention to what 2023 has in store for businesses during economic uncertainty. Here are the highlights from last month. 



In these troubling economic times, consumers will rely even more heavily on call centres to ease their anxieties and concerns. More than ever, customers expect high levels of care and service, and businesses whose customer call experience isn’t up to scratch will see their brand perception negatively impacted. In Business Express, Warren Newbert, CEO at Infinity, shares his advice to businesses about utilising the right tech solutions and tools to help improve their customer call experience.


Logicalis CEO: Sustainability is non-negotiable

Sustainability remains a crucial question for most channel leaders. One such leader for whom the issue matters profoundly and personally is Bob Bailkoski, CEO of Logicalis. With the editor of MicroScope, Bob discusses Logicalis’ ambitious sustainability journey and how he encourages his team, suppliers, customers and even competitors to take action & get involved.

Logicalis UK&I 

'I've been surprised by organisations poaching employees from tech giants': 8 partners reveal their biggest surprises of 2022

The talent shortage continues to cause significant concerns and troubles for organisations across the channel. Poaching employees from tech giants with an offer of a bigger bonus has been one response by vendors to the lack of tech talent. Alex Louth, Managing Director at Logicalis UK&I, discusses with CRN why channel partners need to create and nurture their talent, instead of stealing it.


Employment Of Biometric Authentication Has Exploded Due to Sharp Rise In Ransomware Attacks

The rise in cybercrime and ransomware attacks is causing businesses to rethink their IT security. As it becomes increasingly clear that traditional security methods, such as pins and passwords, are no longer effective, companies are turning to biometric solutions to strengthen and streamline their security. Ricardo Amper, CEO & Co-Founder at Incode, advises businesses on how to get identity proofing and authentication right in UK Tech News.


2023 Informed: Five GreenTech predictions

Businesses are being held to account for their commitment to sustainability. Experts predict 2023 will witness a surge in carbon reporting tools and green technology solutions to aid firms in their net zero journeys. Prashant Ketkar, CTO at Alludo, discusses with TechInformed why he predicts enterprises will significantly accelerate their investment in cloud to provide a greener storage solution in 2023.



MSPs report user cloud shift is rising

The move to the cloud continues to rise, with MSPs noting more and more customers shifting their workloads off-premises. Yet, according to Aptum’s Cloud Impact Study 2022: part 3, cloud has had higher-than-expected costs for 73% of users, a significant increase from the previous year. Marvin Sharp, vice president of product and strategy at Aptum, explains in MicroScope that unforeseen costs arise from a lack of a comprehensive cloud strategy and familiarity with the cloud.


Embracing remote work: Why working from home has a positive impact on Finance. 

For such a highly regulated industry as Finance, the switch to remote working during the pandemic was considered risky. Two years later, it doesn’t seem like hybrid/remote working will leave anytime soon. Writing for Finance Derivative, Paul Wooldridge, Future Workplace Practice Lead at SoftwareONE UK, provides advice for businesses on how to use technology to its fullest potential to improve hybrid working.

Clear Junction 

Fintech Focus: How to stay resilient during the downturn

The looming recession, high-interest rates, and inflation are causing consumers to curtail their spending and investment opportunities to shrink, placing startups in an exceedingly difficult position. Dima Kats, CEO at Clear Junction, spoke to Fintech about how startups can increase their resilience by adopting a ‘leaner’ operation during these challenging times.

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