As the UK, and the rest of the world continues to unlock from the constraints of the pandemic companies are hyper focused on their futures. How are they going to attract and retain top talent during a global skills shortage? With the sharp rise in cyber-attacks, how do organisations, and governments keep data safe? What about digital transformation, are they making the right choices to optimise environments and enable business agility? Are they being sustainable during this period of technological revolution to offset climate change?  

Our clients shared their thoughts on these top trending topics last month - read their expert insights, and more, in July’s Coverage Highlights: 


The Future Is Now: Neill Ricketts of Versarien On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Tech Scene 

Sustainability is becoming the name of the game across all industries, including and especially healthcare. In an interview with Authority Magazine, Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts discussed the benefits that Versarien’s innovative, and sustainable, graphene solution brings to the tech industry: “There is a fourth industrial revolution going on, driven by the Internet of Things and automatic machine-to-machine communication, and graphene has an especially vital role to play in this.” 

TM Forum 

ODA reaches milestone as TM Forum calls on telcos to grab cloud opportunity 

George Glass, TM Forum’s CTO, spoke with Computer Weekly about the company’s Open Digital Architecture initiative and why it’s necessary for Communication Service Providers to replace legacy telecoms IT with industry-agreed cloud-native software. “If we move together as an industry, with a set of standards and processes that are universal, we will create the kind of business agility which unlocks new growth and increases value for the whole ecosystem.”


SmartRecruiters Becomes the Latest HR Tech Unicorn

SmartRecruiters is the latest HR tech unicorn and is now worth $1.5 billion. This growth is indicative of the trajectory of HR recruitment tech and its importance in talent acquisition teams. Jerome Ternyck, SmartRecruiters CEO and founder, said to UNLEASH, “This [round], to me, is the realization of the vision we had when we first launched SmartRecruiters – to give every company the tools they need to attract and hire the highest quality candidates as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to give every candidate a job they love.”


How banks can offset their carbon emissions amid the current climate crisis

Everyone is battling with the consequences of climate change, and environmental sustainability is no longer just a preference, it’s a priority. HeleCloud CTO Walter Heck spoke with Fintech Global about how cloud solutions can facilitate the financial industry’s migration to sustainability. “A sustainable ‘Green Cloud’ will best position firms to deliver on new commitments, such as carbon reduction and responsible innovation,” commented Heck. 


Even highly skilled IT professionals fall prey to phishing attacks 

Remote working has made phishing attacks all too common. An Ivanti survey revealed that 74% of businesses have been victims of an attack in the last year. “Anyone, regardless of experience or cybersecurity savvy, is susceptible to a phishing attack,” says Chris Goettl, Ivanti’s senior director of product management. To avoid this, he recommends implementing a zero-trust security strategy and changing passwords regularly.

Ivanti Wavelink

IoT: The driving force for cold chain vaccine distribution 

For governments and healthcare institutions alike, the logistics to ensure the safe distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has been a priority. Marcus Jeffery, the UK&I regional manager of Ivanti Wavelink, spoke with Supply Chain Magazine about the role that IoT technology can play, particularly by monitoring and maintaining vaccine temperature. “Given the right deployment, IoT can deliver a secure a much-needed solution to a problem the world is currently facing and will continue well into the future until the pandemic is behind us.”


The biggest data science trends in banking

Leveraging data science is now the next area of growth for the banking industry. Speaking to Information Age, Richard Hoptroff, CTO and founder of Hoptroff, emphasizes the potential of traceable timing solutions to support banks’ data infrastructure and the cost effectiveness of implementing time services for a business.

Clear Junction

Make Banking Great Again: Biden’s Executive Order’s Knock-on Effect on Fintechs 

Dima Kats, CEO of Clear Junction, spoke with the Fintech Times about President Biden’s new executive order, which aims to support the financial industry, encourage healthy competition, and bring about more job security. “By making the data modern open banking relies upon more accessible, Biden’s Executive Order will help fintech organisations integrate seamlessly with banks and other financial organisations’ platforms.”


Logicalis restructures UK&I business

Logicalis has joined its UK and Ireland operations to form a singular business unit. Commenting on the joint business in CPI, Logicalis CEO, Bob Bailkoski comments, “Though collaboration, and shared best-practices across these territories, our customers in these regions will gain access to the greatest possible industry-leading services and solutions.”


Aptum CEO on being 'fast tracked' to Azure Expert MSP status 

Aptum is shedding its telco business legacy in its recent recognition as Azure Expert MSP Partner, solidifying its transformation into a cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service provider. Aptum CEO, Susan Bowen, spoke with CRN UK about the future of this partnership and what it means for Aptum and the industry: “I think AWS and Azure are recognizing the importance of managed service providers to help them achieve their goals...As we go forward, the opportunity for those relationships to flourish is definitely there and I'm very much looking forward to that."

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