Georges Nellany

Public relations has long been an intriguing field that has captivated the masses - and now, with the advent of digital media, the industry has undergone a significant transformation, becoming an essential aspect of business operations. But did you know that PR has inspired some of the most popular TV shows over the last decade?


That's right! Shows such as Succession, Emily in Paris, and Gossip Girl have captured the essence of the PR industry and portrayed it on screen in a way that has garnered millions of viewers worldwide. These shows are just a few examples of how the PR industry has inspired TV shows and how it has become an essential aspect of pop culture. They have shown us the power of PR and how it can be used to shape public perception, while also highlighting the importance of reputation management and how it can make or break a business.


But what can businesses learn from these shows?


What is Succession and how does it relate to PR?


Succession follows the lives of the Roy family, who own and run a global media and entertainment conglomerate. The show revolves around the power struggle within the family to take over the company from their ageing father, Logan Roy. It portrays the PR industry in such a fascinating way, showing how a good PR professional can meticulously influence public perception of a business or brand.


If you're a fan of Succession, you're likely enamoured with the gripping portrayal of corporate communications and the world of public relations without realising it. From crisis management to relationship-building, Succession offers valuable insights into the complexities of corporate communications and the importance of ethical and responsible practices of PR professionals.


First and foremost, the show highlights the high-stakes nature of crisis communications, as the Roy family's PR team is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that their clients' reputations remain intact, employing a range of tactics to sway public opinion and protect their business's interests.


In today's world, where consumers and stakeholders are increasingly demanding transparency and accountability, Succession offers a perspective on the importance of honesty and openness in PR. The show highlights the value of building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, with the Roy family's PR team constantly networking and leveraging their connections to stay ahead of the game and outshine their competitors.


Perception is reality but how realistic are these shows when it comes to PR?


While some may argue that the show exaggerates some of the more dramatic aspects of the field, it ultimately portrays the importance of effective and responsible PR practices. For those working in the industry, Succession offers a nuanced and engaging perspective on the complex world of Public Relations. From crisis management to relationship-building, the show is a love letter to the PR industry.


Beyond crisis management, Succession offers insights into the importance of building and maintaining honest and transparent relationships with all your company's stakeholders. The Roy family's PR team is always networking and working to stay ahead while leveraging their connections to further their clients' share of voice – if they don't the overall profitability of the business will be in jeopardy!


What can businesses learn from HBO's Succession?


Succession is not only a gripping drama but could also be seen as a love letter to Public Relations - showcasing how it can help businesses reach a wider audience, secure media coverage, and increase exposure, leading to more website visits, social media followers, and ultimately, more sales.


PR can also help businesses establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry by providing expert commentary in the media and speaking at industry events. This can demonstrate a business's expertise, build trust and credibility with potential customers and increase brand awareness. PR plays an essential role in safeguarding a business's reputation through effective strategies such as crisis management. Negative reviews or social media posts can quickly go viral and damage a business's reputation. With responsible crisis management, businesses can mitigate the impact of negative publicity and maintain a positive image in the eyes of their customers.


Ultimately, the show demonstrates how PR can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their brand, increase sales, and safeguard their reputation. So, if you haven't already, give Succession a watch and see for yourself the power of PR in action.