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How has the sustainability of cryptocurrencies affected its appeal to financial institutions? Should retailers invest in a fulfilment platform?

April saw a real focus on ESG in light of Earth Day, but that wasn’t the only area that our clients shed light on this month. Read all about the key stories in April’s Coverage Highlights.



Reining in runaway cloud cost with FinOps

Recent research has found that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation by several years. This caused a dramatic increase in digital transformation investment across all sectors. Darryl Sackett, Managing Director of Cloud FinOps at SoftwareONE spoke about how FinOps uses trending and variance analysis tools to examine cloud costs in Finance Derivative.



Paradise for conspiracy theorists: The World of Deepfakes

The Senior Vice President of Ivanti Srinivas Mukkamala believes that “As a result of the difficulties around detecting Deepfakes, they are becoming of increasing concern to organisations.” Deepfakes are still in their infancy, and chances are that you will be able to figure out whether videos are fake or not. But what happens in the future as technology improves?


Ivanti Wavelink

Ivanti Wavelink’s operational insights offering improves supply chain operation for customers

Warehouse operation complexity has increased substantially over the past decade as a result of the rising demands for better products and services. Ivanti Wavelink has launched a new service to combat this, one that delivers operational insights for customers. Brandon Black, SVP and General Manager at Ivanti Wavelink spoke with HelpNetSecurity about the launch.



CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, March 2022 Update review: good value for subscribers

Creative software platforms are gradually moving away from the ‘big bang’ updates released every few years. Instead, with subscription models and automatic updates, users will no longer have to wait for a minimum of a year for large updates. ZDNet reviewed CorelDRAW’s March 2022 update, discussing the variety of new features that will help improve productivity and level up Corel’s image-editing capabilities.



How GreyOrange is transforming logistics with robotics

Consumer demands can ramp up in a matter of weeks and can quickly outpace a business’s supply capabilities. James Newman, Head of EMEA at GreyOrange spoke to AI Magazine about why retailers should invest in a fulfilment platform to ease this pressure as well as the role robotics can play in helping businesses with fulfilment.


Clear Junction

Fintech trends in 2022: What’s next for crypto and ESG?

Fintech in the UK saw a massive inward investment of $37.1 billion during the course of 2021. Clear Junction’s CEO, Dima Kats, spoke to Finance Digest about the two trending opportunities within the industry: how to integrate ESG into financial strategies using financial data, and how to seize the rising opportunities around the growth of cryptocurrency.



Getting Strategic Partnerships Right

“The best collaborations come about as a result of relationships.” Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, was interviewed by Forbes about how to maximise strategic partnerships, particularly for midsize firms. Neill delves into his own experiences with partnerships within the advanced materials sector and what he’s learnt from the past.


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