Richard Cook

Champion Communications, the B2B PR consultancy focused on accelerating technology companies' growth, has been chosen by Amity, the leading technology platform that powers in app-social experiences, to provide strategic communications designed to fast-track its European expansion.

The company, which has over 10 million monthly active users and serves market leading businesses such as Unilever, Subway and AirAsia, recently launched Amity Social Cloud, a suite of powerful social SDKs that allow companies and developers to easily add pre-built social features - from social feeds and chat, to video and live streaming - to any existing apps and websites.

In a booming and crowded digital economy where every brand is competing to win customers’ attention, this enables companies to drive user engagement and retention and grow revenues in their own digital platforms. The move to expand into Europe follows a period of expansion in Asia and the US, which has contributed to the company being able to report 200% year on year growth during 2020-21.

Francesca Gargaglia, COO & CBO at Amity, says: “Amity Social Cloud allows companies to regain control over their relationships with their customers and truly listen and engage with them, without having to rely on third-party social networks all the time and letting them own all their customer data. As we look to the European market, where online activity is rapidly enhancing or even replacing traditional business models, we see a huge opportunity to help local businesses and tell our story.

We have appointed Champion Communications to help us take our message to the market and raise awareness of the importance of being able to engage with customers digitally and of the benefits of our range of social solutions, based upon their award-winning track record in this space.”

Richard Cook, Managing Director of Champion Communications adds: “This is a very exciting brief. Amity has tremendous momentum behind it already but is a relatively unknown brand in Europe. Our job will be to demonstrate the power of Amity’s solutions in a way that is appealing to European decision makers, in order to support the company’s business development ambitions. In many ways the story tells itself, given the quality of the data, client list and insight that they can offer into the way in which organisations and individuals are interacting online.”

The account team will consist of Associate Director, Harry Webster, Senior Account Manager, Olivia Parkinson and Account Executive, Alexandra House.

To find out more about Amity you can visit and for press inquiries, please email