Tim Brennan

Did you know that 45% of the population will keep up with their lockdown shopping habits and continue to shop online? Or that by the end of this year, the edge cloud service market will grow by at least 50%? And that the pandemic has left global CFOs desperate to streamline their internal processes at the same time as cutting costs?  


These are just some of the points our clients have explored in their media interactions in August. To find our more, read below for an overview of last month’s coverage highlights.  


Go Instore 

How COVID-19 is changing our shopping habits 

Another piece of national coverage for Go Instore! CEO, Andre Hordagoda, shares with CNBC how the company is helping repurpose retail staff and stores to meet the expectations of an increasingly digital shopping audience. The journalist showcases how live-video solutions are helping retailers to constantly adapt to changing consumer habits in broadcasting the usage of Go Instore’s technology on Samsung’s website.  



How to avoid cloud vendor lock-in and take advantage of multi-cloud sourcing options 

Chris Gabriel, Director of Technology at Logicalis featured in a piece in Information Age discussing why businesses must design adaptability into their cloud operating models in order to avoid cloud vendor lock-in and benefit from multi-cloud sourcing options.  



From the core to the edge: avoiding the pitfalls of edge computing 

In a thought leadership article for Digitalisation World, Craig Tavares, Aptum’s Head of Cloud, writes about mistakes organisations should avoid as they shift their business data from the core to the edge. We are witnessing exponential growth in the edge market and businesses are seeking ways to effectively bring data processing closer to the end user, and Craig settles any concerns businesses may have in this piece of coverage.  


IoT Governance: How to deal with the compliance and security challenges 

This month, Grant Duxbury, Pre-Sales Engineering Director at Aptum, made his UK media debut in a feature piece for Information Age. Grant considers why rigorous checks must be taken when first enrolling IoT devices into an ecosystem to avoid leaving security teams in the dark when it comes to the risks individual devices pose and the vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.  



Why the world needs synchronised timing 


In his latest feature for Fintech Features, Simon Kenny, CEO at Hoptroff shares why timing solutions need to be resilient and robust for the future as the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology to operate, relax, and navigate on a day to day basis. Simon argues why accurate timing must become a global standard in order to benefit the financial services now and in years to come.  


Resilient timing synchronisation infrastructure: beyond GPS  

Simon Kenny wrote for Digitalisation World to announce Hoptroff’s timing innovation to support the rapid advancements of 21st century technology. Simon discusses why calls for more resilient provisions of time are becoming increasingly necessary from both the private and public sector – with both the UK and US governments recently announcing millions of dollars in funding to invest in resilient timing infrastructure.  



Finding financial efficiency with managed services 

Writing for Finance Derivative, Claremont’s CEO, Mark Vivian, discusses the challenges often faced by finance departments and how managed services can make a difference. Mark shares why partnering with an MSP can help finance teams obtain peace of mind that their financial systems will be optimised, leaving them to focus on their day to day responsibilities.  


The whole team is now back in the (home) office and we have a very exciting month coming up! A new Account Manager and two apprentices will be joining team Champion in September and we can’t wait to welcome them on board!