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What have you learned from this month’s news agenda? We discovered that: 

  • Dark Stores, retail stores that cater exclusively to online shopping, will become increasingly popular over the next 6-12 months 
  • We are entering the age of the Everywhere Enterprise, in which
    work takes place anywhere and data resides everywhere
  • Twitter is allowing all employees to work from home forever if isuits them 
  • Only 10% of public bodies and local authorities are running on R12.2, Oracle’s latest version of Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) 

Read all about it in the coverage Champion has secured for its clients this month:  


Building business resilience in the everywhere enterprise 

Do you think your organisation had the right technologies in place at the start of the pandemic to enable to you work productively? According to a recent MobileIron survey, two-thirds of employees do! And over 80% of employees want to continue working remotely, even after the pandemic. Alex Mosher, VP for Global Strategy at MobileIron, shares his thoughts on why building business resilience and ensuring business continuity starts with cybersecurity in ITProPortal 

2021 predictions for the Everywhere Enterprise 

This month, Brian Foster, MobileIron’s SVP of Product Management sets out his predictions for the year ahead in Help Net Security as we move into the year of the Everywhere EnterpriseHe believes the rush to the cloud will continue, people will be the new perimeter, user experience will become increasingly more important and that we can expect to see an increase in QR code fraud problems. Would you agree?  



Three options for next year’s IT strategy 

Mark Vivian, CEO at Claremont shares why public sector organisations have just one year to upgrade their Oracle Enterprise Business Suite in Computer Weekly. He advises local government authorities and public sector bodies on the urgency to upgrade now to avoid any compliance or security incidents in future.  



Zoom In: Logicalis Group CEO on hunt for COO and pitfalls along the path from VAR to MSP 

In the latest instalment of Channel Partner Insight’s ‘Zoom In’ series with Nima Green, Logicalis CEO Bob Bailkoski, introduces the company’s new Group VP of Business Development, Mick McNeil. They discuss Logicalis’ journey from VAR to MSP (Managed Service Provider) and the ever-growing strategic partnership with Microsoft and what it means for customersBob also touches upon lessons learned since he took the reins two weeks before the UK first went into lockdown, and why hiring a COO is key to growth of the managed services segment of the business.  


Go Instore 

Aman Khurana of ‘Go Instore’: The Future Of Retail In The Post Pandemic World 

What does the future hold for retail? Aman Khurana, Go Instore’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO shares his thoughts with Medium’s Authority Magazine on the rise of the Dark Store, continued online shopping habits and the so-called ‘Retail Apocalypse.’  

CIO Spotlight: Antoine Boatwright, Go Instore 

In his first media interview, Antoine Boatwright, CIO of Go Instore, discusses his 30-year career in technology, his thoughts on the conventional CIO role and the best career advice he has ever received. Antoine also offers advice to aspiring IT leaders, and if there is anything he would do differently in his career. To which he states: Not much. Failure is part of the learning process. So, if there was anything to do differently it would be to worry less and enjoy more. (Even during the hard times!) 

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