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  • There are now more online shoppers than the combined populations of Africa, North America and Australasia – true or false?  
  • Can you guess what percentage of global employees don’t want to return to the office full time? 
  • Do you how many employees don’t know what a mobile phishing attack is? (We’ll give you a clue...it's a lot)  
  • What percentage of IT professionalthink that cloud services are key to their organisation’s success?
    • 60% 
    • 99% 
    • 12%  

Find the answers below in the coverage Champion has secured for its clients this month.   


Aptum Releases Part One of Quarterly Cloud Impact StudyTo identify common drivers and obstacles impacting organisations undergoing cloud transformationAptum released part one of its four-part study, titled Bridging the Cloud Transformation GapThe study found that 99% of IT professionals believe that cloud services are essential to the success of their business, but performance concerns remain relevant.


COVID-19 exposed customer disaster recovery strategies”- Aptum Cloud Boss “Everyone had a disaster recovery strategy going into COVID, but nobody tested it. So, this was kind of a trial by fire.” Aptum’s Global Head of Cloud, Craig Tavares, spoke to Channel Partner Insight about how the company has seen an upswing in customers asking for help as a result of COVID-19 because of failed data strategies. 




Two in five employees are not sure what a mobile phishing attack is 

After the launch of the ‘Everywhere Enterprise’ campaign, MobileIron unveiled that COVID-19 presented a significant challenge for businesses around the world as it seems their dispersed workforces have little regard for IT security and mobile phishing – a threat vector being used increasingly to target remote workers. MobileIron’s research featured in ZDNet to highlight the importance of implementing a mobile-centric security strategy.  


Time to practice QRiosity? The security dangers of QR codes 

 With the NHS contact tracing app making QR codes compulsory at pubs and restaurants in the UK, Alex Mosher, Global VP of Solutions at MobileIron, wrote for IT Security Guru, taking a closer look at the specific risks associated with QR codesAs remote work continues, and employees use their personal devices access work resources, Alex outlines why and how business should take action to secure data against malicious QR codes. 


'Being acquired by Ivanti will help us take on big guns Microsoft and VMware' - MobileIron channel boss 

In his interview with Channel Partner Insight, MobileIron’s SVP of Product Management, Brian Foster, addressed how the company is meeting the expectation that 80% of the global workforce does not want to return to the office full time. He also shared what the recent acquisition means for the business and how it is securing the new Everywhere Enterprise.  



Why organisations should upgrade their ERP systems 

With the deadline to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle EBS fast approaching, Mark Vivian, CEO at Claremont, offered advice on the best practices for an ERP upgrade. In his latest feature for IT Pro Portal, Mark highlights the key considerations organisations must take into account in order to optimise their investment in the business-critical software. 


Go Instore 

What do shoppers expect from retailers? 


Two billion people are now online shoppers- that is more than the combined populations of Africa, North America and Australasia! In light of these findings, Andre Hordagoda, CEO and Co-Founder at Go Instore, wrote for Retailist to explore the evolution of online customer expectations and highlighted how technology can impact and improve the customer experience. 


Retail Ramble podcast: Samsung on adapting to changing consumers 


Lockdown has inevitably changed the way consumers shop – with more and more people now shopping online. To discuss how it is adapting to evolving customer behaviours, one of Go Instore’s customers, Samsung, recently featured on Essential Retail’s podcast. Nick White, UK & Ireland’s Online Director, shared how Samsung, with the help of Go Instore’s technology, is helping customers engage with the brand and feel comfortable shopping from anywhere.  



The future for Logicalis is managed services, says CEO Bob Bailkoski.  


A large proportion of Bob Bailkoski’s tenure as CEO at Logicalis has been defined by COVID-19. Last month, Bob spoke to New Statesman about that experience, Logicalis partnership with Microsoft and Cisco, and offered an optimistic view on the future of big technology projects.  


We are now entering our eighth month of working from home! We are missing seeing the team and our clients in person, but we have continued to launch some exciting new projects. Stay tuned this month as we start our blog series and address your questions on the wonderful worlds of B2B Tech and PR!