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As we step into what is set to be another dynamic summer we are taking a moment to look back on what June has held for our clients. From career advice to cloud, our clients take a deep dive into all the latest trends facing the technology industry this month. And with AI not looking to leave anytime soon, our clients shared insight on how the UK is currently playing this game.


Check out this month's coverage highlights:


Ten 10

Knowledge is power: Why standardised AI training is needed.

There’s no denying that Artificial intelligence has become the talk of the tech town in the last 6 months. However, with advancements being made in AI, many practical and ethical questions have arisen alongside the uncertainty surrounding what the future might look like. Ten 10’s Chief Academy Officer Ash Gawthorp tackled all things AI in his recent article with Just Entrepreneurs.


Logicalis UK&I

The pressure to be cutting in the channel

There have been many discussions in the channel that customers are being pressured into buying technology too soon. This question arises on the back of a report from Pure Storage that found that 90% of IT buyers at companies with more than 500 employees admitted to buying technology their infrastructure could not support. Logicalis UK&I CTO Mark Benson explains why the rapid pace of technological advancements and the fear of falling behind or missing out on the latest tech deployment can lead to impulse purchases.



CTO Session: Prashant Ketkar Alludo

The role of the Chief Technology Officer is evolving. With business structures ever-changing and technological advancements pushing boundaries, Alludo Chief Technology Officer & Product Officer Prashant Ketkar gives an insight into the type of CTO he is and what the role requires.



Customers want MSPs to give more cloud analytics.

Increasingly users of the cloud are finding that this technology is costing them more than they expected. This has led to cloud customers calling for more insight regarding their cloud workloads and spending from their managed service providers. Aptum’s CEO, Susan Bowen, looked at why this is the case.



CloudSmiths announces several partnerships as part of its UK growth strategy.

South Africa-based Salesforce partner and Africa’s most accredited Google Cloud partner CloudsSmiths announced several new partnerships as part of its growth strategy in the United Kingdom. Chief Technology Officer at CloudSmiths, Tom Fowler, explained in Business Leader the business’s plans to grow, especially in the UK.


Clear Junction

Comply or say goodbye. The rise of AI-powered compliance in payments

Now more than ever, technology is having more of an impact on the world around us. With it seemingly looking inevitable that AI is going to change compliance in the finance sector, Clear Junctions Sales and Marketing Director Claire Huddleston takes an in-depth look at the rise of powered compliance in payments.


Ivanti Wavelink

Let me just scan that for you

Ivanti Wavelink’s UK & I Territory Manager, Marcus Jeffery, explained to Logistics Manager why RFID readers work in today’s smart warehouses. Within the modern supply chain, technology as such is essential in ensuring orders are fulfilled.


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