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The new year is off to an impressive start with our clients making headlines on key topics like sustainability, generative AI, the next-gen workforce, and more. Our clients continue to share their insights and innovations, driving conversations that matter in 2024.

Ivanti Wavelink:

2024 Informed: the next gen workforce

Ivanti Wavelink’s VP and GM Brandon Black highlighted to TechInformed that labour shortages are a major concern for warehouses, but robotics and automation adopted incrementally can attract tech-savvy young workers to complement humans and address shortages through cross-generational collaboration.


Agilysys survey shows cost-of-living impact on UK travellers.

An Agilysys survey highlighted to Boutique Hotelier that most UK travellers are taking fewer, shorter holidays due to economic challenges. Regional Director Matthew Prosser emphasised exceptional, personalised guest experiences are vital to boosting retention and returns


A changing channel landscape for Parallels

Christa Quarles, Alludo CEO, discusses with Digitalisation World, the challenges and opportunities facing the company as it heads into the new year. She’s optimistic that, with increased visibility, Alludo’s compelling solution will attract new customers via the channel partner network.



‘Partners need to pivot to make the most of AI’: CloudSmiths CTO

CloudSmiths CTO Tom Fowler spoke to CRN about how the channel must deeply understand, assess, and then pivot offerings and business practices to fully capitalise on generative AI, as it provides new tools to increase productivity and reduce time to market but requires rethinking processes. Fowler notes CloudSmiths has focused on AI for years and is helping companies adopt it sustainably to solve problems and drive ROI versus just proof of concepts.



Is DCIM key to green data centres?

In an interview with DataCentre Magazine, Hyperview CEO Jad Jebara underscored how DCIM technology enables energy efficiency as data centres scale up. With demand booming, eco-friendly data centres are imperative and technologies like DCIM make sustainability attainable.



Will workplace DEIB become a casualty of the culture wars?

SmartRecruiters' EVP, Rob Symons, cautioned Unleash that organisations must make DEIB a strategic priority, not an area for cost-cutting. With strong leadership commitment, DEIB strategies can effectively and sustainably transform workplace cultures.



Concerns raised over stagnant US IT sector growth as just 700 new jobs created in 2023

In an article discussing the stagnant US IT sector growth, SoftwareOne shared data with ITPro about the importance of cloud computing in helping to bridge the IT skills gap.

While January brought exciting headlines for our clients, our clients scored big coverage wins last month too. Revisit the top winter headlines by reading last month's highlights here.

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