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Throughout March, we saw the continued discussion obusiness resilience across multiple sectors including financial services and retailhow enterprises can align digital transformation efforts to business objectives, conversations around the unforeseen complications from Brexit and reactions to the 2021 UK Budget. Read all about it and more in March’s coverage highlights: 

Clear Junction- 

What does Brexit Mean for The Future of SEPA Payments? 

The implications of Brexit had wide-ranging complications across multiple sectors. In an article for Finance Monthly, Dima Kats, CEO of Clear Junction explores the changing SEPA landscape post-Brexit, and how financial businesses that are unclear of regulatory frameworks can work with a provider like Clear Junction to clarify the process. 

The Rise of Mobile Banking: Challenges and Opportunities 

The increased use of mobile banking since the pandemic has unearthed challenges for financial institutions. One of these challenges has been navigating the rise in cyber-attacks, CEO of Clear Junction, Dima Kats discusses how financial institutions can keep their customer’s data secure whilst maintaining a good customer experience.  

Go Instore- 

Behind the Mask – Go Instore Co-Founder Aman Khurana 

The future of retail demands an omnichannel strategy, especially with retail set to open mid-April. Aman Khurana, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Go Instore featured on the Behind the Mask podcast to discuss this as well as the effects that technology can have on the industry. 

UK Budget 2021: What is the future for the retail industry? 

The Chancellor announced that restart grants would be available to non-essential retailers but Andre Hordagoda, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Go Instore argued that the grants don’t address the changes in consumer behaviour and the best use of the grants should support business’ omnichannel strategies 


How a network-based solution could be the key to combatting GNSS outages 

Satellites can be easily disrupted, and the equipment to conduct such attacks is becoming more accessible to civilians. Richard Hoptroff, Founder and CTO of Hoptroff, highlights the concerns around Global Navigation Satellite System resilience and why network-based solution can help. 

Timing-as-a-Service, anyone? Compliant timestamps delivered via the cloud is now an OPEX-friendly option 

The current climate crisis has made businesses more aware of their impact on the environment. This has become a necessity for organisations due to the rise in the adoption of cloud computing last year. Dion Travagliante, Head of North American Sales at Hoptroff explains why network-based solutions can cut costs and reduce environmental impact.  


XaaS II online event discusses future of services, management, and work-life 

Communicating clearly with customers has become more challenging since the pandemicLeigh Plumley, Chief Revenue Officer at Aptum, discussed the importance of building effective relationships with customers, and how data as infrastructure is set to grow when he sat on a panel at the XaaS (everything as a service) Summit. 


Top four considerations for ERP optimisation 

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) implementations can run into thousands for organisations, so having the ability to optimise these and maximising the return on investment is important. Mark Vivian, CEO at Claremont, discusses how organisations can avoid common obstacles when implementing an ERP system in Technology Magazine.  

10 Common ERP Mistakes To Avoid 

The most successful implementations have tended to be as an integral part of wider business change programs,” says Mark Vivian, CEO of Claremont. Mark featured in CIO discussing why ERP projects should align with the business objectives as well as the IT involved. 


Mick McNeil of Logicalis On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level 

Logicalis’ long-standing strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Cisco help to support customers with innovative solutions. Mick McNeil, VP of Global Business Development at Logicalis spoke to Authority Magazine to discuss how these solutions drive customers’ digital transformation efforts.  

Digital Transformation: A necessity for business success 

Digital transformation is critical for business success post-Covid and has a myriad of business benefits that are only just being realised. In an article for Intelligent CXO, Bob Bailkoski, CEO of Logicalis, discusses how businesses can find success with digital transformation. 


10 learnings to consider when it comes to enterprise mobility 

45% of CISOs cite employees using unsecured Wi-Fi to access business resources as a top IT security challenge during the pandemic. This research from Ivanti featured in an IT Pro article discussing the considerations needed when targeting the challenges that come with enterprise mobility.  

Remote work is sending IT security budgets out of control 

Research from Ivanti revealed that 81% of CISOs expect IT security spend to increase this year as businesses make moves to secure the Everywhere Workplace. As the return to work proves complicated, with many businesses considering a hybrid model, all remote workers must be secure, and all endpoints managed effectively.  

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