Hannah Swinson

"It’s important to measure PR for several reasons. You need to justify the budget and you need to demonstrate the impact these have on real business goals. By this, I mean brand awareness and reputation but most importantly, and not always linked to PR, is revenue growth. It is a solid business objective that PR can help with and these two aren’t always connected." - Tatiza Bartmann Gondim


Measure it, manage it, get buy-in for it.


On this episode of our podcast with B2B Marketing, we are joined by Tatiza Bartmann Gondim, Head of Marketing at Clear Junction as well as our Associate Director, Gabrielle Dunbar. The episode dives into why if you don’t have a solid strategy to evaluate your PR efforts, you’re wasting your hard work. They are joined by Lucy Gillman, Deputy Editor at B2B Marketing, for a deep dive into how you can measure PR.


The trio explore the importance of a goal-centric approach, why getting your team on the same page starts with listening and understanding, why the metrics you’re using may not be working, and how to paint a holistic picture of how your PR efforts are performing. 


You can check out the full report here.


Listen to the full podcast below.