Richard Cook

As we leave behind the warmer weather and start to see the leaves to fall as we enter the new season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the successful coverage the Champion team has achieved over the last month! So, here are some of our coverage highlights from August.

Greenlight Commerce

The challenges of eCommere: the internal blame game costing retailers thousands

This long-form thought leadership article was a great success for Champion and Greenlight! It was featured in tier - one tech publication Information Age, and was authored by Kevin Murray, MD at Greenlight Commerce. The piece provides insight into the division between marketing and IT departments and the impact this can have on businesses. Particularly significant is the inclusion of Greenlights own study, which looked into the UK eCommerce sector and the Cost of Missing Metrics to UK retailers.

Another distinctive piece of coverage this month for Greenlight Commerce: Instagram live testing Checkout begins as it gears up to exploit what Deutsche Bank analysts say is a $10bn opportunity. This article looks into Instagram’s move to implement a checkout function on their app. It references Deutsche Bank’s stance on the massive opportunity which is projected to be worth £10bn. The Champion team were able to bring Greenlight into the news agenda by showcasing Greenlight and Kevin Murray’s expertise on the subject matter as it was the only vendor mentioned in the article!


Enabling secure mobility in the public sector

This piece was written by David Critchley, UK and Ireland Regional Director at MobileIron for Open Access Government. It is based on MobileIron’s Public Sector Campaign, a Freedom of Information request Champion and MobileIron worked on to understand the number of devices government employees lost and the true cost of misplacing a device that isn’t properly protected. Open Access Government is a target publication aimed at public sector professionals and IT decision makers, making this a great hit for our client.

Solving the CRM headache with AI: Finding the missing pieces of the data puzzle

This long form thought-leadership piece is authored by Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder of our client, for the tier - one marketing publication MarketingTech. This publication is aimed at marketing decision makers and has a monthly readership of 750,000, making it a great piece of coverage from our client who specifically wants to target marketing professionals. The piece showcases’s insight on the impact of AI and how to implement it in the marketing sector.

Digital Workforce

Robotic process automation: How it brings about healthcare efficiencies

Our client Digital Workforce strongly believe that the healthcare sector is one that will thrive by automating mundane tasks – a belief that has been proven in the Finnish health sector which saw a spike in the efficiency of its processes after implementing an Robotic Process Automation solution to some of its tasks. In this piece, Med-Tech Innovation sat down with Dr Tiina Leivo from Digital Workforce to discuss how Robotic Process Automation can impact healthcare services. Med-Tech News is a highly-respected title in the medical industry, making this a great win for Digital Workforce.

Aptum Technologies

Hosting provider Cogeco Peer 1 re-launches as Aptum Technologies

Our client Aptum Technologies, previously Cogeco Peer 1, underwent a company rebrand in August. As such, Champion facilitated an interview between the company’s CEO Susan Bowen, and CRN’s senior reporter Marian McHugh, to discusses the new brand launch and business strategy going forward. This was a great piece of coverage in a tier - one channel publication.

A big thank you to all our wonderful clients and the great team at Champion for all the hard work! We’ve had a very exciting August and can’t wait to see more success in September!

Wishing you a great month ahead!

- Champion Team