Olivia Parkinson

As lockdown in the UK continues, the Champion team are still working from home and working harder than ever! During April, we achieved some great coverage for our clients, and we wanted to share some of our biggest wins with you.


Staying secure even as offices close: how CIOs can empower their workforce both securely and remotely

For MobileIron, Brian Foster, SVP of Product Management, wrote for Digitalisation World on the best ways to support a remote workforce. With an increasing number of organisations now working from home, Brian shares his top tips to ensures businesses remain secure even when outside of the office space. This piece also offers a viable solution to a legitimate business issue, positioning both Brian and MobileIron as industry thought leaders.


Banking on the Cloud: The Bank of England’s Migration to Public Cloud

The Bank of England recently opened bidding for a cloud partner to support its migration to the cloud. Aptum’s Head of Cloud, Craig Tavares, explains the significance of the bank’s decision to Finance Monthly, as he outlines the four areas the Bank of England should consider to determine their cloud strategy and partner. Among an audience of 200,000 CFOs and CEOs, Craig’s insight advises other financial organisations who will be looking to build out their cloud networks.

Digital Workforce

The Factory of the Future

This month, Hannu Luoto, Digital Workforce’s Head of Manufacturing and Logistics, featured in the Connected Technology Solutions magazine as he shared his thoughts on the future of the manufacturing and logistics sector. In this piece, Hannu explains why the most effective factories will leverage a mixture of digital workers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and humans. As the manufacturing sector struggles through the pandemic, Hannu’s advice will help the factories of the future overcome the crisis more productive and more efficient than before.


How can Blockchain help financial services comply with GDPR?

Richard Hoptroff, Founder and CTO, wrote for Global Banking and Finance Review on blockchain in regulation. Richard discusses the role of blockchain and hash ledgers in creating trusted and traceable data. Richard highlights the need for precision timing, a topic Hoptroff believes will benefit financial services in the near future.

ISG Connect

Cloud and Sport – the perfect match

In a 2000-word feature, ISG Connect’s Director, Matt Bowman, discusses the future of sports broadcasting with Rapid TV News. Matt shares why he thinks traditional linear services used to broadcast sport are on their way out as they become replaced by more agile technologies such as cloud and SaaS.

It has been another brilliant month here at Champion and for that, we would like to thank our clients for their constant positive collaboration. As we move through May, we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on this month!