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As the leaves fall and Q4 begins, our clients continue to delve into tech’s latest trends. From generative AI to inspiring stories and security insights, here are our October 2023 coverage highlights: 



CloudSmiths: Forge the Future 

In an interview with Africa Outlook, CloudSmiths Founder and CEO Jason Timm highlighted explores the company’s journey and investment in Generative AI. With a robust track record and expertise in Google Cloud, Salesforce, and more, CloudSmiths is poised for international growth. This article showcases their dedication to innovative technology like generative AI and the impact it can have on various industries.  


A Property Management System Can Be a Safety Net for Hoteliers In Times of Crises 

Matthew Prosser, Regional Director at Agilisys, revealed why a Property Management System (PMS) is a safety net for hoteliers in times of crises. In Hotel Technology News, he emphasises the importance of having an effective system in place to manage bookings and provide full visibility. In the face of unforeseen crises, preparation, adaptability, and exceptional service are crucial for hoteliers to overcome challenges and ensure guest return-on-experience.


My Unexpected Journey Through The Finance Tech Sector 

 Sarah Jessika Blanchard, director of finance at Aptum, recently sat down with emPOWERED magazine to delve into her remarkable odyssey within the finance tech sector. In this interview, she recounts her inspiring journey and skills to empower women in this dynamic industry.

Ivanti Wavelink: 

Inspirational Woman: Tejal Ranjan | Vice President of Marketing at Ivanti Wavelink 

Tejal Ranjan's journey from a small manufacturing shop in India to the Vice President of Marketing at Ivanti Wavelink is an inspiring tale of breaking barriers. Her interview with WeAreTechWomen reveals how perseverance, mentorship, and lifelong learning propel success. Tejal's wisdom to believe in yourself, embrace resilience, seek guidance, and nurture curiosity motivates aspiring tech leaders worldwide.


Navigating the turbulent waters of modern cyber security threats 

Kamal Srinivasan, SVP of Product and Program Management at Parallels, sheds light on the ever-changing cyber security landscape. As businesses embrace technology for their goals. They inadvertently face heightened threats. In this article for Innovation News Network, Kamal calls for a shift towards modern approaches like Zero-Trust Architecture and emphasises the need for constant vigilance in the dynamic tech environment.  


How channel partners can overcome the current IT skills gap 

Tackling the growing IT skills gap is a challenge, but there are strategies for channel providers to stay competitive. Paul Wooldridge, SoftwareOne’s Digital Workspace Lead for EMEA, highlights how the global IT skills gap’s is impacting businesses. In an article for ChannelPro, Paul delves how organisations should balance external support from MSPs with internal upskilling efforts.  


When GNSS does not work 

Richard Hoptroff, CEO of Hoptroff, discusses the vulnerabilities of GNSS GPS World, focusing on the potential impacts on society and critical infrastructure sectors. It’s a compelling read for those concerned about GNSS reliability and the necessity of including resilient PNT in risk registers.



Inspirational Woman: Jenny Briant | Academy Operations Director | Ten10 

"If I could wave a magic wand, I would wish that everyone knew that there was a place for them in the tech industry, regardless of gender; no one should feel cut off or discouraged by pursuing their interests or passions." Jenny Briant, Academy Operations Director of Ten10, shared these inspiring words in her conversation with Shelley Luckie at WeAreTechWomen, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector. 

While this month brought exciting headlines for our clients, we also had some great coverage wins in September. Revisit the top stories from the early autumn by reading last month's highlights here.

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