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Although it's the middle of summer and the height of the holiday season, we haven’t taken a break from securing client coverage!


From closing the digital skills gap to championing diversity and empowering women, our clients have continued to speak about the biggest challenges they face working in the B2B tech world. Speaking with a variety of press verticals from HR to tech, and from podcasts to thought leadership, our clients made big strides in answering some of the most pressing questions.


Check out July's highlights:



Academies can help close the digital skills gap 

In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, the digital skills gap has emerged as a pressing concern. The Ten10 Academy emerges as a guiding light, focusing on closing the skills gap through recruitment, training, and development. An inspiring example of the Academy's impact is Casey Prosser, a recent graduate who seamlessly transitioned from the role of a barista to a tech enthusiast, as he recounts his transformative journey on the stage of UNLEASHcast. 



5 minutes with: Richard Hoptroff 

“The world today is digital, and digital moves at the speed of light.” Richard Hoptroff, Founder & Chief Time Officer at Hoptroff, dives deep into the currents of technological progress, discussing the intriguing concept of time-as-a-service in Technology Magazine. He shares his wisdom on launching a thriving tech venture and delves into the ever-expanding realm of artificial intelligence, a force that shapes the very fabric of our digital existence. 



Inspirational Woman: Allyn Bailey | Executive Director, Hiring Success Services at SmartRecruiters 

“If I could wave a magic wand, I would hire all capable women and stop creating false gates for them to go through.” Speaking candidly with WeAreTechWomen, Alynn Bailey, Executive Director of Hiring Success Services at SmartRecruiters, advocates for a world where capable women are no longer held back by artificial barriers. Her words reflect the ongoing struggle and triumphs against the gender disparities that persist in the tech sector. 




Meet Jason Timm, CEO and co-founder of CloudSmiths 

CEO & Co-Founder of CloudSmiths, Jason Timm is passionate about growing the Salesforce ecosystem and empowering people to build their own visions. In an interview with Just Entrepreneurs, Jason discusses the biggest lesson he’s learnt as an entrepreneur, how he prepares for unknown obstacles and how to get a company culture right. 


Logicalis UKI 

Women & Diversity in Channel Awards 2023 - SHORTLIST ANNOUNCED! 

The Women & Diversity in Channel Awards aim to champion, recognise and celebrate women and diversity in the channel. This last month, Logicalis UKI celebrated two of their employees being shortlisted for the prestigious awards – Kate Bentley for Rising Star and Jane Emmerson for Sales Employee of the Year.   


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