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What is the cloud conundrum? How does accurate time keeping relate to protecting British businesses after Brexit? How can retail innovations support the high street in 2021? Why will demand for cloud increase this year? Will cybersecurity strategies shift to focus on mobile devicesAnd how can organisations strengthen their IT immune systems? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, below in our latest Coverage Highlights 


‘Partners investing in AI need to learn from the mistakes made from the software-defined world. Let’s not just sell a nirvana’ - HeleCloud  

We kicked off our engagement with HeleCloud with a great win! EMEA Head of Sales and Marketing, Marty Legg, speaks to Channel Partner Insights about his predictions for 2021, how Helecloud is planning to double its revenue from 2020, and what needs to change for AI, machine learning and automation to enable nearly 60% of B2B sellers. 


Go Instore 

Interview with Andre Hordagoda, Co-Founder at Immersive Virtual Shopping Experience Go Instore 

Go Instore’s live video offering has seen unprecedented demand this year with the number of calls increasing 10,000%Andre Hordagoda, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Go Instore speaks to Tech Round UK about the impact of COVID-19 has had on the business. Andre also shared how he, and his business partner Aman, founded Go Instore, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  

 UK retail experienced “worst year on record” for sales: Experts respond 

With 49% of consumers planning to continue using online services even after restrictions lift, Andre comments on the worst year in retail in Retail Insight Network, highlighting how crucial it is for brands to invest in their digital channels to survive the current unrest in the retail market.  



Assess and adapt: Cloud computing in 2021 

According to Gartner, 69% of corporate directors want to accelerate enterprise digital strategies and implementations to help deal with the ongoing disruption of the pandemic. Grant Duxbury, Director of Pre-Sales Engineering at Aptum, shares his thoughts with IT Pro Portal on where he thinks cloud computing will go in 2021.  

 Control and governance top cloud security issues - Aptum 

 “38% of organisations cited security and data protection as the primary barrier to transformation.” Part two of Aptum’s Cloud Impact Study launched in January, featuring in Information Age, amongst others, addressing the top security concerns and issues around compliance that businesses are facing during cloud migration. 



Navigating Brexit: The Need For MiFID II In The Post-COVID Economy 

Discussing the importance of keep MiFID II regulations after Brexit, Dion Travagliante, Head of North America at Hoptrofffeatures in this month’s Finance Monthly. With the Brexit deal being announced last-minute, Dion speaks about how crucial MiFID II is to navigate the financial landscape now that the UK has left the European Union, as well as how it can protect British businesses.  



Strengthening IT's immune system 

With recent research finding that missing operating systems or application patches to be the cause of nearly 60 percent of breaches in the past two yearsSenior Product Manager at Ivanti, Todd Schell, discusses the importance of security patching and using automation to bolster compliance in IT Pro Portal 

CISOs increasingly focus on mitigating mobile security risks 

Despite 93% of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) saying they had effective solutions in place to enable swift move to remote working92% also stated they need additional IT security measures to better enable remote workersNigel Seddon, VP of EMEA West at Ivanti talks through the findings with Help Net Security, as well as the importance of a zero-trust strategy, and how 87% of CISOs agree that mobile devices are the centre of the cyber security strategy.  



Logicalis: 'We're hot on the heels of acquisitions in the UK' 

VP of Global Business Development for Logicalis, Mick McNeil, speaks to CRN about his priorities for 2021, and the growth and momentum that Logicalis is seeing on both sides of the Atlantic. He also praised the innovative solutions the UK team is using to deliver growth and promote recovery.  

Logicalis driving global strategy with Microsoft and Cisco 

“We’ve helped our customers deliver secure, modern cloud infrastructures, and that experience removed a lot of the fear in the mindset of leaders of our customers and clients, so they’re now thinking bigger and bolder in terms of the transformation that they can achieve. In an interview with Microscope, Mick McNeil discusses the work Logicalis is doing with its strategic partners, Microsoft, and Cisco, and what the work means for its customers. 



Top-tier consultants, SIs pursue IT services acquisitions 

Claremont CEO, Mark Vivian, features in Search IT Channel this month, stressing the importance of upgrading to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite before the December 2021 deadline, and how Claremont is now booked through to mid-2021 with customers upgrading to the latest version. 


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