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Trouble at the top


MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti), is a global enterprise security and mobility company based in the US. In February 2020, MobileIron came to Champion with a problem. It was struggling to stand out amongst its desired target audience of Enterprise C-Suite decision makers. Although its mobile-centric zero trust security solutions were superior to those of its competitors, such as Microsoft and IBM, it was being undermined by the lower prices these brands were offering and their seemingly safer reputations, meaning MobileIron’s sales teams were unable to get their foot in the door.

MobileIron turned to Champion to develop a campaign that would enhance demand in the company’s mobile-centric zero trust security solutions and that would create a bank of content that the sales team could use to nurture conversations.

45 Pieces of tier-1 coverage
52% Share of voice
104 MQLs generated
38k Impressions on social media
25% Increase in product trials


  • Increase MobileIron’s editorial share of voice above its key competitors in relevant third party earned media environments in different geographical regions around the world
  • Engage MobileIron’s decision makers on a global scale with messaging that would support MobileIron’s commercial objectives
  • Generate brand authority by creating a bank of content that MobileIron could cascade through earned, owned, shared and paid media for months to come
  • Provide MobileIron’s business development teams around the world with impactful assets that they could leverage to open conversations, nurture prospects and close deals.


To help MobileIron overcome these challenges, we needed to develop a prospect-centric narrative that spoke directly to the C-Suite decision makers MobileIron was trying to target, while also being of interest to the media.

Then, in January 2020, the news broke that Jeff Bezos’ 2018 phone hack was triggered by a WhatsApp message from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. This was a classic example of a mobile phishing attack, where users are tricked into opening a malicious file. In this instance, the successful attack enabled hackers to download files resident on Bezos’ device.

While such attacks are common, we wondered if C-suite executives are more at risk to these types of cyberattacks and data breaches than the rest of their organisation, and if so, why? To investigate this hypothesis and expose the issue of weak C-Suite cybersecurity, we decided to conduct market research that simultaneously questioned both IT professionals on their bosses’ attitudes towards cybersecurity, and C-Suite business leaders on their business’s cybersecurity protocols.

From analysing the data, we uncovered two alarming truths:

  • C-Suite executives are the most likely members of a business to be targeted by cybercriminals.
  • C-Suite executives are the most likely members of a business to ask for their cybersecurity protocols to be relaxed for them.

Using these two data points, we were able to create our ‘Trouble at the Top’ news narrative, which highlighted the problem of pinnacle-IT, where those at the top were putting their organisation at risk by not adhering to the rules. We used this narrative as a trojan horse to carry MobileIron’s messaging around its mobile-centric zero trust security platform to its desired target audience.

In order to deliver our narrative and messaging, we created a press release that was sold into the tier-1 media outlets we know MobileIron’s desired target audience would be reading, and a report that was gated for lead capture on MobileIron’s website.


  • The campaign generated 104 MQLs for MobileIron’s business development team, exceeding the KPI by 108%.
  • The campaign has generated 45 pieces of coverage in top tier media targets  around the world, including highlights in  Forbes, ZDNet, Enterprise CIO exceeding the KPI by 68%.
  • MobileIron had a SoV of 52% during the quarter when the campaign was active,  higher than all its competitors combined.
  • The campaign achieved 38,000 impressions on social media, exceeding the KPI by 95%.
  • The campaign contributed to strong next quarter sales figures. MobileIron saw a 25%  increase in product trials in one month, and  the quarter saw a 104% year-on-year  increase in total business, highlighting that  the company was able to drive new business  and renew existing customers.

Campaign impact

Champion’s ‘Trouble at the Top’ campaign exceeded all of our expectations, from the beginning ideation of the campaign, to designing and implementing the survey, and managing it with the utmost detail – and then to cap it all off with awesome coverage. The campaign met all our objectives: it engaged our target decision makers, generated leads for the business and helped to contribute to a strong sales quarter. What more could we ask for? They made the process as easy as possible for us.

Becca Chambers - MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti)
Becca Chambers
VP Corporate Communications MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti)

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